About Us - Seo Top Tools

We are a team of highly passionate digital marketing and SEO experts. We developed Seo Top Tools! To help the Internet become a greater place for everyone.

The Seo Top Tools (STT) Story:

In 2023, we observed that many people do not have access to premium quality Web and SEO tools, and many more that they can use for free. Because of this, many marketers aren't getting the most out of their search engine marketing efforts. This is a huge problem, especially for low-end users.

We accepted the challenge and quickly took action. We registered seotoptools.com and built a team of highly skilled professional developers, or more importantly gathered industry experts to start building Web and SEO tools. With this, Seo Top Tools was built.

Our Goal:

Our goal was to provide affordable and accessible Web and SEO tools to marketers of all levels. We understood the importance of empowering low-end users with the necessary resources to optimize their (SEM) Search Engine Marketing efforts effectively. Through our dedication and expertise, Seo Top Tools has become a trusted platform for marketers to boost their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their websites.

Technologies used in this platform?

This platform is developed and designed using following web technologies:


BootstrapCSS 3HTMLjQueryJavaScript


MariaDBPHP 8LaravelCode Igniter

What does STT provide?

STT provides the best Web and SEO solutions for web owners. Our top tools are Ai Article Write and Website SEO Score Checker tool. There are 120+ SEO and Web tools available on our platform. These tools are completely free to use. Our Ads Free and Pro Plans are also available for purchase.

Our Most Visited Users 🧔

Seo Top Tools is becoming the favorite platform for different categories of website owners and online marketers. Our preferred users are:

⦿ - SEO Experts⦿ - Website Developers⦿ - Marketing Experts
⦿ - Freelance Content Writers⦿ - Content editors⦿ - Proofreaders
⦿ - Video Editors⦿ - Webmasters⦿ - Bloggers
⦿ - Photographers⦿ - Website Owners⦿ - Backend Developers
⦿ - Research Professionals⦿ - Teachers⦿ - Office Employees 
⦿ - Academic Students⦿ - Website Designers 

We've received lots of testimonials and feedback from users all over the world who have used our tools and benefited from them.


Do you have any questions or ideas to share? Do you want to interview our CEO? Do you need help or guidance with any of our tools? Would you like to share a testimonial? Or do you just want to say hello?

You can get in touch with us anytime at the Contact Us page.

Note: We've detected a few websites that try to replicate our platform and technologies have appeared in a few spots around the web. We'd like to point out that seotoptools.com is the official website of Seo Top Tools. This domain hosts all of our Web and SEO tools, news, and materials. If you detect this type of activity outside the Seo Top Tools kindly report us about it. Thanks.