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Check Gzip Compression is enabled on your website or not. This will reduce the size of pages that are transferred to web browsers, saving time and bandwidth. Our GZIP compression checker tool gives you a complete report that will help you to optimize the speed time of your websites.

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gzip compression checker

What is GZIP

GZIP is a common type of data compression that takes a large quantity of data and compresses it. The original data can also be recovered by unzipping a compressed file.

What is GZIP Compression?

GZIP is a file format and program that is used to compress HTTP content before sending it to a client. The procedure allows for a 50% reduction in data size. Due to this GZIP compression, the page load time will be accelerated, and bandwidth use will be reduced.

Many file types are supported by GZIP, including:

  • .gz – denotes the file extension of GZIP files.
  • .tar– A form used to store various archive files, not to compress data. GZIP can be used to shrink .tar files.
  • tgz, .tar.gz, .gz file – GZIP file can compress all these file formats efficiently.

What is the GZIP Compression Test?

This test that connects to your domain and requests the required information to determine whether your website (and eventually the server on which your website is housed) has Gzip or brotli enabled is called GZIP Compression Test. Along with that, it will also provide you with some further details, such as the file size of the original version of the website you tested and the potential benefits of employing Gzip compression.

Check GZIP Compression: Is Gzip Enabled On Your Website

GZIP Compression has recently become the de-facto standard for many sites to submit compressed versions of files to web hosting servers. It was created to make the procedure easier for website owners and faster for them. The browsers are working to handle the compressed files and decompress them for the users to see in this regard.

Websites are now overrun with visual, graphic, audio, textual, and video information. If the files are not in compressed format, it becomes difficult for the browsers to load the material in a matter of seconds. These files manage big file segments and allow the server to utilize less space and bandwidth. In the end, the server is under less stress.

Perform an online GZIP test and check the compressed files on your web server. The highly qualified staff created the Seo Top Tools compression checker tool to satisfy the demands of our users. You might have never discovered a quick online compression check tool before.

How to use the GZIP Compression Checker Tool?

Seo Top Tools has always been at the forefront of assisting people above and beyond their expectations. We are consistently working to give consumers the best SEO and other web-related services. You'll be astonished to learn that the GZIP Compression test Tool can assist you in identifying the server-side issue. You may use it to tell which server files are compressed and which are not. You will be able to correct such files to speed up the loading of your website.

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  • Voila! Using of this tool will perform a GZIP test & display the information about compressed and uncompressed files in a matter of instance.
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What does Gzip compression checker do?

Gzip compression is a process that makes web files (mostly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files) smaller, sometimes by up to 70%–80%. The person requesting the file then receives this considerably smaller compressed version of the file rather than the bigger original file in their browser. After that, the user's browser will automatically decompress the compressed file and deliver the original, uncompressed file.

You may believe that GZIP compression is the de-facto compression technique for compressing text data on web pages. It is also important to be aware that GZIP offers excellent speed and compression ratio control and is a lossless compression method.

GZIP compression is based on the internals of the DEFLATE algorithm, which is a mix of LZ77 and Huffman coding.

Different implementations of data compression, including GNU, GZIP, 7-ZIP, and zopfli, will be compared primarily with an emphasis on how one performs better than the others. Facts show that users typically choose GZIP data compression because of its outstanding lossless data compression capabilities.

How Can GZIP Compression Be Enabled On Your Website Server?

With GZIP Compression, you may reduce the size of your web file (PHP, CSS, JS, HTML) by up to 50%, allowing you to transmit it to the server more quickly and effectively. The file can then be sent back to the user's browser from the server after being decompressed to its original size. There is no need to upload huge web files to the server since GZIP Compression may quickly reduce the size of your data.

Using mod-deflate or mod-zip, you may enable GZIP compression on your web server. Professional programmers are likely aware that the deflate approach has greater benefits than mod-zip since it compresses the output from your server before it is transmitted to the user's browser. Additionally, this technique is easier to configure and has better documentation. Mod-deflate is also more often supported than mod-zip. If mod-deflate does not function on your host, you can, without delay, switch to mod-zip.

It's important to note that not every host has enabled these modules on their servers. Therefore, if they provided .htaccess scripts don't function, so you might need to contact your host. By clicking on the linked link, you may obtain the code for mod-zip and mod-deflate.

What is Brotli?

An open-source data compression algorithm is called Brotli. It is often a superior compression method to Gzip since it can typically compress data to a smaller size than Gzip can. In comparison to Gzip, Brotli also decompresses files more quickly.

Is it better to use Brotli instead of Gzip?

All of the major browsers currently offer support for Brotli. However, not all of them do. If you wish to utilize Brotli, you may set up your server to alternate between Brotli and Gzip based on the visitor's browser. Soon, we will have more to say about that!


What is GZIP compression, and why is it important for SEO?

GZIP compression is a method for reducing the size of web page assets like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. It makes pages faster to load. Faster page speeds improve user experience and are a positive ranking factor for SEO.

What is the best way to implement GZIP compression?

The easiest way is to enable it at the web server level if supported. Many hosting providers offer a GZIP setting. You can also implement compression at the app level

How can I check if a page has GZIP enabled?

Run the page through a GZIP compression tool. It will report if GZIP is enabled and show compression savings on resources that aren't compressed. You can also check gzip status in browser developer tools.

Are there any downsides to using GZIP?

The main downside is it adds a small amount of CPU usage on the server for compression. But the speed benefits usually outweigh the minimal processing costs.